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2.2 Enough Said

I can say it…

Spoilers to follow, please do not read on if you haven't read all 3 books...


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Danny 2 Revisited

Well it’s been a while, computer problems and the like. However, as the release of DANNY volume 3 is fast approaching (Thank God) I’m rereading volume 2 and it’s filling me with the usual amount of questions and frustration. Tonight I’ve shouted ‘What does that mean?’ three times at the book, unfortunately it keeps its inky mouth shut and I have to analyse a sentence again and again and try to make an educated guess. I’m going to point out the three occurrences this has happened and my conclusions, if anyone has any other insights please let me know, I think my brain has broken.

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Apr. 8th, 2009

Hi going to start a new thread for a new DANNY discussion, here is a post from nancy0323, this post contains spoilers so click here if you have read the books and join the discussion.

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The DANNY Soundtrack

Hello, I'm back with my favourite songs of DANNY, these songs never fail to bring me into the world of DANNY. I hear John in the form of Bon Jovi, Danny in the scissor sisters melodies and Ian creeping about in the background of Nick Cave songs. When I hear these songs it's like my ears are reading the book, here are the songs and why they match the genius of DANNY: 


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If anyone has any to add please feel free. Thanks


Since reading DANNY I have found that it gets in your head and you begin to see it in many other things. As I ave been asked to think of poems that remind me of DANNY I'm going to a series of post on things like poems, songs, books, etc that I relate to DANNY. If there are any that make you think of DANNY feel free to comment and add them to the list.

Only click read more if you have read book 1 and 2 as there are SPOILERS.


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I haven't written anything on here in a while so I thought I'd update it as I now have time. I'm going to talk about Rab, who is clearly the most overlooked member of the Jackson Moores (not deliberately overlooked as that would be Ian), I hardly ever mention him when discussing DANNY. The characters in DANNY seem to have the same reaction to Rab as the readers do, he tends to get ignored in discussions, and because I don't think about him I find it hard to understand him. I will be discussing Rab in terms of both books so there may be spoilers, so only click more if you have read both books. Read moreCollapse )

DANNy Questions

These are questions I posted on Chancery Stones site danny.blogspirit.com, if anyone wants to give their opinions on them feel free.

1. For some reason this is the main question in the back of my mind when I'm reading book 2: Do the new characters (or the matured exiting characters) resemble characters from book 1? More specifically (and based on my personal opinions), do Andy and Gerry fluctuate between Danny and Ian? (Whenever I read book 2 I think I know the answer to this but there's a point where they seem to swap over, and I still can't pin point where it is) Is Sutherland the straight side of John? Is Rab developing characteristics of John Jackson Moore Sr? Or are there any other similarities between characters?

2. Did Danny and Ian murder someone when they were younger because they upset Danny in some way?

3. Has the identity of who did away with 'the old man' been cemented? This one does my head in because I argue with other people who have read the books who say it has, but some say it has in one way and some another, I don't think it has, it's just in the jumble of lies.

4. Bit of a strange one thats come up a couple of times: Is John Danny's father?

5. Are the flashbacks seen through rose tinted glasses (for obvious reasons)?

6. Is there more to the diary than meets the eye? Does it turn up again?

7. Will any characters die in the forthcoming books?

8. Do we discover more about previous generations of Jackson Moores in the books to follow?


I'm gonna break the cycle and talk about the almost unmentionable, the man of nightmares, most of which he plants knowingly in his victims heads, we all have to survive somehow. If the Jackson Moore’s are a myth making machine, Ian's the one silently greasing the wheels. When you read articles written by the fans of DANNY I always love the way the writer mirrors the characters, even down to the phasing they use in the books, I find myself doing it, using the same words and phases synonymous with the characters. DANNY's reads like such a personal book that you pick up the way they speak, just as you do when you’re around someone for a long time, you pick up some of the ways they talk and act. The way in which Ian is mentioned in DANNY discussions is a perfect example of this. The characters hardly ever discuss Ian, they brush over him and talk around him even when he can’t hurt them any more, and when fans discuss DANNY they exhibit the same things. When discussing the characters I talk for hours to people about John and Danny and to a lesser extent Rab, Steven, etc but you never get passed a few sentences or paragraphs about Ian. I think it comes down to how complicated a character Ian is, and in DANNY that is fucking saying something. In a book where the characters are so realistic and complicated, where there are so many lies and myths to dodge round making the characters contradictions in human form, Ian is the mystery beyond the book that defines mystery.

People never want to talk about Ian for too long as if he is not as important as Danny or John, but he is probably more important than the two of them put together. All three main characters display the fact that they are products of their past, that the way they behave is they only way they could find to survive, and the fact that Ian is the harshest and most psychotic of all the characters shows that his past was the harshest to survive. As John and Danny became what they were to survive the things they had no control over, so did Ian. Although Danny had to live through years of indescribable sexual and violent atrocities to create the most sexually destructive character in the book, he always got what he needed. Even if he despised how he got it and hated and discarded it when he'd received all he wanted. Danny got admiration, worship, adoration, and even love of the twisted variety, and even though he hated the characters for giving it to him he would have died if he could no longer create it. Plus he had John, someone he really loved, who he knew deep down, with all the defences gone, really loved him more than anyone in existence.

Ian got the sharp end of the stick in every aspect, he was the singularly unattractive member of the most attractive family around, the man he loved couldn't stand him and was entirely in love with someone else, would in fact rather he didn't exist. The people he tried to enslave and keep for his own he knew would never truly be his, and he had to fight tooth and nail (mentally) for every crumb of feeling he ever got. Although Ian did despicably sick and twisted things, it was more or less what every other member of their family did, the only difference being that he didn't have the Jackson Moore charisma to carry it off. Ian didn't have the beauty or the brawn to get what he wanted so he used his brains to trick it out of the others, and although John and Danny used their god given talents to get what they wanted, whenever Ian used his they were looked on much more harshly because to look at him was a much harsher experience. And to trick someone psychologically always seems a much dirtier trick, but it is a trick like all the rest.

The thing I like about Ian is the same character trait all the family display, their complete un-acceptance to be a victim, Ian was dealt the emotional and physical victim card in life and he turned it into the trump card. He didn't wallow in what he was and cry about the unfairness of it all, he realised he would never be able to have everything he wanted so he made sure no one else would get it either, and even though that sounds like the definition of selfishness and should be despised, I find it hilarious (in an inescapable hysterical way).

But most of all I love Ian's honesty, I know for a character who has spun an entire world out of a fabric of lies it sounds a little strange, but like I said living contradictions. Ian may not be honest with any character ever but he is entirely honest with himself, he doesn't delude himself that he is anything more than he is. He doesn't get offended if someone calls him something that if they called anyone else would create holy hell, if it’s true he accepts it. Ian does the most deplorable things a person could do, things that you would expect a person to deny and rage against until the end of time, even if they knew deep down it was true. Ian just says 'Yeah that’s me, if you haven't got anything new to tell me fuck off, there's a good lad.'

More than any of the other characters in the book and therefore in any book (as you don't get more extreme than DANNY) Ian is entirely unapologetic of who he is, to a psychotic degree. He follows the maxim if that’s what you are you may as well admit it other than be a wanker and hind from yourself. From acceptable things like being accused of being gay, while other characters, Rab for example, try everything they can to hide it Ian just admits it without a worry. To the much more murky waters of paedophilia where any aspect can't be acceptable, he at least doesn't pretend it never happened. An area that doesn’t have a get out clause but he at least doesn't make the child into a delusional psycho. Ian accepts the responsibility but gives you no where to take it, a glaringly honesty comment of the dead end aspect of sexual abuse, without a time machine there's no way out and Ian's admission demonstrates that. Ian admits it so there is emotionally no where left for Danny to go, Ian keeps him in the sex abuse cul-de-sac, there’s no police station here, not with an open cell waiting for each of them behind countless doors.

Ian symbolises the part of DANNY that forces such a strong reaction in its readers, the positive reactions and especially the negative reactions. As I have said before when someone decides the book is not for them, they don't respond in the same way as they would to a book they simply didn't enjoy, the reaction is always stronger. Not only do they not want to read the book they want it away from them, and they don't want anyone else to read it either, some even spend time campaigning against it. This reaction is clear to anyone with a little knowledge of behaviour, that it is not one of dislike for the book but for the things that DANNY makes them think, their reactions is a reflection on themselves. DANNY is too honest a picture of taboo subjects, it doesn't sugar cote the touchy subject matter. It cuts away all the accepted explanations and behaviour of characters in these situations and shows you the real, raw feelings beneath. DANNY doesn't display the emotions that derive from a hellish past through a foggy glass covering, allowing the reader to remain safely detached on the other side, it smashes it and forces you to experience them in all their discomfort. DANNY doesn't just show you how red the blood is, it makes you swallow it till you can't breath, it doesn't just tell you how brittle the bone is, it makes you break it. DANNY is tangible, honest reality of which you can't escape and Ian is its guard at the gate. SPOILERS FOLLOW (if anyone thinks there are spoilers higher up tell me and I'll cut it sooner).Read moreCollapse )

Ian plays a major part in the books biggest characters, its secrets and its past, those are the things that move into the readers head and rearrange the furniture, that’s what makes the book indispensible and works as a literary psychologist. As the characters unlock the past it unlocks you with it and its a lot cheaper and less time consuming than a hundred sessions on a couch. People who haven't read DANNY look at it from entirely the wrong perspective, they shouldn't think 'Oh its such a long book, it would take me forever to read it.' DANNY is worth forever. Even the fact that it never takes as long as anyone thinks it will because its so easy to get into, that’s not the point either because you'll want it to take longer than it does so it never ends. You'll wish you hadn't read it just so you can read for the first time again. Also I think new readers think that the book is a little more expensive than other books because of delivery and so on, but everyone I know never thought about the price again once they'd bought it, most people bought another one to have spare. If you were digging up your garden and came across a lump of pure gold don't worry over the price of cleaning and how heavy it will be to carry to the bank, just thank yourself lucky that you came across it at all.

The long one

This is my official book 2 post as the rest have been short and didn’t go into it in too much detail, where the fuck to start, I’m gonna go through it character by character as that what I find most interesting. DO NOT READ ON IF YOU HAVE NOT READ DANNY ONE OR DANNY 2 THERE ARE SPOILERS ON BOTH BOOKS.Read moreCollapse )


Hello just to remind people, especially the person who has posted on the link below (as I know you have not read book 2), after I have finished with unimportant university work I will be getting back to the important job of Danny commenting. I will be commenting on Danny volume two and including it in the comments of the post below, there will be huge spoilers in it, so if you have NOT read DANNY 2 please DON'T click on the comments because it will ruin it.

If anyone wants to comment on a new thread but have not read the new book, they can comment on this one. I have literally got about 5 minutes spare each day at the moment because left assignments way too late, but when I finish in a few days I will look up how to lj cut things and will cut any spoilers for each book to make sure there are no more problems, just wanted to make sure nothing new was revealed in the meantime.



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